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Will Galvanized Steel Rust?

Nov. 29, 2019

Coating Galvanized Steel Strip refers to a steel plate with a zinc-coated surface. Galvanized steel is used in many fields, but everyone must weld it when using it to make it work very well. Therefore, welding galvanized steel has also become a topic of great concern and discussion. Related questions have also been asked by many people, and there are still many things you don't understand, so Galvanized Steel Sheet Manufacturer will introduce them to you today. Does galvanized steel rust? Which is better, galvanized steel and iron sheet? Let's take a look together.

Coating Galvanized Steel Strip

Coating Galvanized Steel Strip

A large number of galvanized sheets are used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, refrigerators, construction, ventilation and heating facilities, furniture manufacturing, and construction, as well as common Roofing Sheet Galvanized Steel Coil. Galvanizing has become an important method of corrosion protection for steel because it has very good protection. Normally, galvanized steel will not rust, but it may also rust due to improper storage, scratches, and water vapor transpiration. The zinc is corroded normally, otherwise the zinc plate is impure and contains impurities such as iron. Zinc protects other metals. The unevenness of the zinc coating exposes the metal inside and causes corrosion. Or accidental contact with other metals constitutes chemical corrosion. Galvanized steel can guarantee no rust for a few years at most, depending on the environment, how thick the galvanized zinc layer is, and the place of origin, etc. Generally, the galvanized steel plates on the market are 80g without flowers and 60g with flowers. The galvanized steel plates are more common. These materials can be guaranteed to have no flowers for about 3 years in the open air, and it will turn white in 2 years. It's rusted.

There are also different types of iron sheets commonly known by people, that is, the two types of tinsmiths and black iron sheets that are often called by the decorator population.

Galvanized sheet steel, commonly known as "tinplate". That is, galvanized low carbon steel sheet. Not easy to rust. There are two types of flat and waveform. Commonly used to make roofs, pipes and various containers. Tinplate, the full name should be "continuous galvanized sheet steel". Tinplate is the most ideal material for barrel making. It is mainly used for manufacturing various steel barrels for industrial product packaging. The difference between galvanized iron sheet and galvanized steel is mainly the thickness, production method and chemical composition. Generally, the iron sheet refers to the iron sheet whose thickness is less than 1 millimeter, and the content of carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, and manganese is controlled within a certain range. Conversely, those with a certain thickness whose carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, and manganese content are controlled within a certain range are called steel plates, and steel plates are divided into thin plates, medium plates, and thick plates. Ungalvanized is commonly known as "black iron."

Black iron is a popular name for cold-rolled sheet. The thinner galvanized steel sheets commonly used in the market are basically coated with cold-rolled substrates. Except for the first-line steel mills in China, except for the production of hot-rolled substrate galvanized by Handan Iron & Steel and Tangshan Iron & Steel, the other major steel mills mainly produce the cold-rolled substrate galvanized.

Therefore, the biggest difference between them is their function and role. There are also some differences in product composition. Have you learned? Everyone must buy according to the needs, don't make mistakes, after all, their functions are still different.

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