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What Should I Pay Attention To When Loading And Unloading Steel Tubes?

Jun. 27, 2019

The loading and unloading of Steel Tubes mainly adopts the aerial suspension. The advantages of the aerial suspension are many. For example, the speed of loading and unloading can be accelerated, and the manpower is reduced. However, this method still has disadvantages. When loading and unloading the stainless steel pipe, a bump will cause deformation of the depression and affect the customer. usage of.

How to reduce the damage to the stainless steel pipe during the loading and unloading of the aircraft?

1. The thinner Steel Pipes are still manually loaded and unloaded, and it can be handled with care. Whether it is purchased or sold, these stainless steel pipes need to be placed on the top of the truck. When the car is tied, the rope needs to be soft. The objects are padded and cannot be tied directly.

2. The number of stainless steel thin tubes on each hanging sling should not be too much. Too much weight due to too many slings can easily cause damage to the stainless steel thin tubes.

3, the sling is flat, do not twist and knot, the sling twisted or knotted will cause the stainless steel tube to face too small, causing damage.

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