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Application of Hot Rolled Steel Coil In Elevators

Jun. 24, 2019

The longest Hot Rolled Steel Coil we see every day is the elevator inside the community and the company. The material of the elevator car is basically stainless steel. For the sake of beauty, many stainless steel materials of the elevator are also mirrored.

At the beginning, the real mirror was used inside the elevator, and the advantage was that it seemed to have a large space. The principle is called "plane mirror imaging principle." That is, when the mirror is selected in the elevator, the person sees the "self" in the mirror, and visually feels that the distance between himself and the "self" in the mirror will be lengthened. The space in the elevator is so small because of this. Under the visual effect, it seems less "burly". This should be the content of junior high school physics. If you are interested, you can check it yourself.

The benefits of using a mirror are obvious, but the mirror is fragile. If it is not good, it will hurt people. If it is not good, it will be ruined. It will lead to high maintenance costs. In the end, there is no way for the designer to use mirrors. Stainless steel, this is a great use, and it quickly spreads out.

Relatively speaking, Cold Rolled Steel Sheet is not expensive and practical, and cost-effective! And easy to clean, strong, and long service life. And for the sake of beauty, some use a color stainless steel mirror panel using an electroplating process, and a patterned stainless steel mirror panel using an etching process, which looks beautiful and gorgeous.

This not only takes into account the cost of the elevator material, but also ensures the aesthetics of the elevator, and can also take into account the feeling of each passenger's ride, which is a multiplier. This explains why most of the materials used in elevators use stainless steel mirror panels. The stainless steel of many elevators is also mirrored.

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