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Production and Processing of Cold-rolled Steel Plate

Feb. 19, 2020

During the production and processing of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet, the cooling lubricant can reduce the drilling heat and cutting speed during the drilling system. In this way, not only the service life of CNC inserts is increased, but also the production of cold rolled steel sheets can be guaranteed Processing smoothness. In the future, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of emulsified oil, but for materials with high smoothness requirements, about cutting fluid special for stainless steel.

In the production and processing of cold-rolled steel plates, in order to open the hole, you should pay attention to using the full-grinding drill of the workman, and consider the refrigerant. 316 or 303 taps, you can use the industrial wire to attack, if it is the national standard 304, you must use Fuji brand at the moment, in addition to other such as 301, 202, you must use Yamawar.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

During the production and processing of cold-rolled steel plates, the front angle of CNC blades should be taken away from 15°~ 20°from now on. In the future, the heat treatment of stainless steel plates will look more suitable. At the time of the initial processing, it is important to pay attention to the smaller back angle. At the time of the deep processing, the back angle is about 6°~ because of the simple demonstration of the hardening of the material production and processing system. 8°is more suitable.

In general, it should be noted from this angle that it will be appropriately larger than when producing and processing ordinary carbon steel. And because of this, people should pay attention to the angle of inclination of the blade from the general situation, it should be noted that it is best to take away 15. If it is the outer circle of the fine car window, the boring hole, and the planed plan, when the amount of the knife is small, you should pay attention to the use of a large blade tilt angle of 50°up and down CNC blade.

In the end, when the cold-rolled steel sheet is developed for hard production, it will also generate more heat, which will seriously damage the CNC blade. In the future, it will definitely cause many people a headache. Naturally, symptomatic treatment is getting better and easier now. And it has very good patience for tungsten-cobalt-based aluminum alloys. It is fast and easy to drill, and it is not easy to stick to the cutting. It is particularly suitable for cold rolling steel plate milling with turbulent initial processing and intermittent drilling.

Cold-rolled sheet is an industrial product that is processed and processed according to production using hot-rolled metal sheet. According to the production of multiple procedures, its quality is better than that of the hot-rolled metal sheet. After resolving it, it has a better effect. Different raw materials are suitable for making different products, some are suitable for chassis, automobile fuel tank and other items, some are suitable for customer construction, transportation or utensils, etc., while the industrial production level is more used in manufacturing industries .

Since no quenching is applied, the material itself will be relatively hard. Generally, it is not easy to carry out mechanical processing and manufacturing. It must not exceed simple production and processing, and such products have a poor effect. Therefore, in general, cold-rolled sheet is used to improve its applicability according to solutions such as quenching. One kind of raw material is a thick steel plate made according to the further production and processing of the plate. Such a thick steel plate is not easy to produce iron oxide scale, and has good applicability. It has universal five-star praise in the application of goods.

After the quality and limit of the board exceeds the standard, and then it is resolved according to quenching, the role and applicability of such cold-rolled plates are all very good, and it is more and more important in several industries. It is very necessary for household appliances. It is indispensable for such boards. In industrial production, the practical application of such fittings has become one of the main products.

The above is the cold rolling steel sheet production and processing knowledge introduced by Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Supplier.

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