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What Is The Difference Between Channel Steel And U-Shaped Steel?

May. 28, 2020

Many people may have such a problem, that is, they have never known how to choose channel steel and U Channel Steel, and they do not know the difference between them. Today, Cold Rolled Steel Coil Manufacturer will take everyone to understand a bit.

There are many types of steel, and we usually make a distinction based on the status of use, the type and form of use, and the size. What kind of steel is used under what circumstances is also the basic learning skills possessed by a professional, so how to choose channel steel and U-shaped steel? If you want to know how to choose, let's first look at the difference between channel steel and U-shaped steel.

Different manufacturing processes

First of all, the two biggest differences between them are that the varieties of steel are not the same. For example, channel steel is a hot-rolled section steel and the U-shaped steel is made by cold rolling. The manufacturing method is different, although there are great similarities in appearance, the production process is different. The differences in manufacturing methods result in differences in efficacy and use, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Different standards

In addition to the difference in the manufacturing process, some other guidelines are also different. Channel steel already has a basic standard in China, with detailed specifications and dimensions, but U-shaped steels do not yet have a frame standard, which is usually produced according to daily needs, and there is no detailed specification of a size standard. These are some simple differences between channel steel and Mild Steel U Channel.

Different uses

Channel steel and U-shaped steel are also different in use. Channel steel is mostly used in mechanical engineering. Channel steel is mainly used in building structures, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures. Channel steel is often used in conjunction with I-beam steel. U-shaped steel is usually more common in hardware stores and used in decoration. Usually used for our daily decoration, so there is a big difference between the two in use. Hope today's introduction can help you.

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