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The Main Development Trend Of Galvanized Steel Coil In The Steel Industry

Sep. 10, 2019

From the development of the main demand industry, China's Galvanized Steel Coil is not only domestically demanding, but also export a large number of products to other parts of the world every year, becoming the world's home appliance production base. In the future, the demand for galvanized steel coils will maintain a steady growth momentum for a long time. The automobile industry is a manufacturing industry with potential for development in the future. The automotive industry has a very high demand for galvanized steel coils. At present, the consumption of galvanized steel coils in the automobile manufacturing industry in developed countries has accounted for more than 60% of the total consumption of metal sheets. As a professional Galvanized Steel Coil Factory, we can tell you that with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the demand for galvanized steel sheets for automobiles in China will grow steadily.

Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized Steel Coil

When the stress exceeds the elastic limit, the deformation increases rapidly. At this time, in addition to the elastic deformation, some plastic deformation occurs. When the stress reaches point b, the plastic strain increases sharply and the curve exhibits a small wave platform. This phenomenon is called yield. The stress at this stage is called the upper yield point and the lower yield point, respectively. Because the value of the lower yield point is relatively stable, it is called the yield point or yield strength as an indicator of material resistance. Some steels (such as high carbon steel) have no obvious yielding phenomenon, and the stress at the time of slight plastic deformation (0.2%) is usually taken as the yield strength of steel, which is called the conditional yield strength.

Aluminum is a fast and cost-effective building. In contrast, concrete typically requires a lot of templating and curing time. Low temperature toughness makes aluminum an ideal structure for roads and bridges in cold climates. New repairable properties of European and American aluminum materials The spiral bite steel warehouse should be built on site and installed on the ground at the top of the warehouse. The bending speed of the construction equipment of Zhapu can reach 5m/min, no need for auxiliary facilities such as scaffolding, and the construction period is extremely short. The spiral bite steel silo is made of thin steel plate and weighs only the weight of the steel bar of the same capacity reinforced concrete silo, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost. In addition, since the two-layer bending method can be used to form two different materials inside and outside the cylinder, the engineering cost of storing corrosive materials in industries such as chemical industry and environmental protection can be greatly reduced. Small footprint and easy to manage. The spiral bite steel silo is different from other steel silos, and its height and diameter can be arbitrarily selected within a wide range.

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