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There Are Many Uses For Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Sep. 16, 2019

The Cold Rolled Steel Sheet is made of hot-rolled steel coil. It is first subjected to pickling treatment to remove the oxidized outer skin, and then subjected to cold rolling treatment. Generally, the finished product is rolled hard. However, the cold work hardening effect caused by continuous cold deformation allows the rolling hard roll to produce only a few simple materials.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

It is worth mentioning that cold-rolled steel sheets can be used as raw materials for hot-plating, because hot-dip plating units generally have some annealing lines. The weight of cold-rolled steel sheets is generally more than six tons and less than 13.5 tons. At the same time, the cold-rolled steel sheet has a high hardness because it has not been annealed, and the hgb index exceeds 90%. However, there are advantages and disadvantages, because the hardness is extremely high, so its processing ability is very poor, and can only be used for the processing of some directional small fish 90 degrees.

As a professional Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Supplier, we would like to tell you that what is the difference between cold-rolled steel sheets and hot-rolled steel sheets? Generally speaking, cold-rolled steel sheets are produced on the basis of hot-rolled steel sheets. Usually, the processing is like this, hot rolling, pickling Finally, cold rolling is carried out. The cold rolling treatment is carried out at normal temperature, although in the process of processing, it is inevitable that some factors will increase the temperature of the steel sheet, but since the temperature rise is not very large, this process is called cold rolling. However, since the steel sheet after hot rolling is formed into a cold-rolled steel sheet after continuous cold deformation treatment, as described above, although its hardness is high, the mechanical properties are really poor. It can then be restored to its mechanical properties after being annealed. For those cold-rolled steel sheets that have not been annealed, we also make it a hard roll. Used to produce some simple products.

There are many uses for cold-rolled steel sheets, which can be used to make automobiles, produce electrical products, and the aviation food industry. The cold-rolled steel sheet is only an abbreviation. Its full name is also called ordinary carbon structural steel cold-rolled sheet, and it is also called cold-rolled sheet. The surface of the cold-rolled steel sheet is very smooth and the dimensional accuracy is higher than other similar products. And if it is annealed cold-rolled steel, its performance is absolutely required to hot-rolled steel.

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