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Surface Defect Treatment Of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Dec. 06, 2019

Compared with ordinary steel, the performance of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet has been greatly improved in various aspects, but after long-term tests, there will still be some defects, because its surface contains a certain amount of steel cost, and it will have different degrees of corrosion.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Although the cold-rolled steel sheet has high impact resistance, the product surface will inevitably have some rust spots. In order to improve the quality and service life of cold rolled steel plates, it is necessary to consider these factors and take phosphating measures. What are they? The following Galvanized Steel Sheet Manufacturer will come to tell you.

The specific operation method is to coat the defects of the cold-rolled steel sheet with aluminum or galvanized components, so that the whole block is quickly converted into a chemical film during the phosphating process, thereby forming a phosphating film. At the same time, the phosphating treatment of cold-rolled steel sheet is a chemical and electrochemical reaction, which can increase the density of the metal on the original basis, thereby effectively resisting the cold-rolled steel sheet and causing corrosion.

In addition, the cold-rolled steel sheet can also play a role in reducing wear and lubrication during processing, improve the adhesion of the product, and realize the practicality of the cold-rolled steel sheet. Cold-rolled steel plate is a type of steel made by cold-drawing, but in the process, the corresponding safety operation regulations must be strictly observed, otherwise accidents may be caused.

Before the cold-rolled steel sheet is cold-drawn, a baffle should be provided for protection. If no baffle is prepared, the windlass and cold drawing direction should be maintained at 90 degrees, and closed guide pulleys should be used. During operation, workers must stand behind the protective baffle to prevent the debris generated during cold drawing from jumping out.

(1) Improve the surface flatness of the cold-rolled steel sheet. After finishing, the flatness of the cold-rolled steel sheet has been improved to a certain extent, the wave shape of the cold-rolled steel sheet has been partially eliminated, and the tinplate can also flatten the surface slag particles or other uneven points to make the surface smooth smooth.

(2) Adjust the surface roughness of the cold-rolled steel sheet. By controlling the roughness of the surface of the work roll of the finisher, the original uneven roughness of the surface of the cold-rolled steel sheet can be unified to a certain range. This can improve the paintability of the product and the lubricity during processing.

(3) Improve the surface color of the cold-rolled steel sheet. For small zinc flower and non-zinc flower products, the surface of the cold-rolled steel plate can be more uniform and uniform through smoothing. For some private enterprises to use large zinc flower products as color-coated substrates, the zinc flower bumps and different glossiness formed by the large zinc flower crystals can be flattened and unified, making the zinc flower blurred and conducive to it. Cover zinc flowers during painting.

(4) Improve the workability of cold rolled steel sheet. Through the finishing, the yield platform of the cold-rolled steel sheet can be disappeared or inconspicuous, and a metal slip line can be prevented from being generated in the subsequent processing.

After batch hot-dip galvanizing treatment of iron and steel products, tinplate can obtain better corrosion resistance and can have a life span of more than ten to several decades under atmospheric exposure. At the same time, due to the small investment in bulk galvanizing and the simple process, it can dip steel structures of various configurations, sizes and thicknesses, such as transmission towers, street light poles, highway guardrails, microwave towers, etc. One of the most extensive and economical methods of corrosion protection for parts, Galvanized Steel Sheets were introduced.

In addition, a comprehensive inspection of the equipment is necessary. If slipping or other abnormal problems are found, the machine should be stopped and the steel bars should be loosened before professionals can enter the inspection to avoid accidents.

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