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Product Introduction Of Galvanized Steel

Oct. 31, 2019

Galvanized Steel Sheet are classified into ordinary electrolytic plates and fingerprint resistant electrolytic plates. The anti-fingerprint board is based on the addition of an ordinary electrolytic board to a fingerprint-resistant treatment, which is resistant to sweat and is generally used on parts that are not treated. Ordinary electrolytic plates are divided into phosphating plates and passivated plates, and phosphating is more common. Passivated sheets are available in oiled and unoiled parts.


Hot dip galvanized steel sheet (SGCC) has an advantage over electrogalvanized steel sheet (SECC). SECC bending and section are very easy to rust, and SGCC has much better rust resistance under the same conditions. High-quality chassis usually adopts SECC or SGCC galvanized steel. The steel plate with this material is bright in color and has metallic luster. The advantage of this steel plate is that it has good corrosion resistance.

Electro-galvanized steel sheet (SECC): uniform gray, mainly imported, fingerprint resistant, has excellent corrosion resistance, and maintains the processability of cold rolled sheets. Uses: home appliances, computer case shells and some door panels and panels.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet (SGCC): dip-plated, bright white, small zinc flower (not unsightly), large zinc flower can clearly see hexagonal flower pieces.

Galvanized Steel Sheet

Galvanized Steel Sheet

Main features:

Corrosion resistance, lacquerability, formability and spot weldability. It is extremely versatile and is mainly used for parts that require good appearance in small household appliances.

Divided by zinc: The size of the zinc flower and the thickness of the zinc layer can indicate the quality of the galvanizing. The smaller the thickness, the better. Manufacturers can also increase fingerprint resistance. There is also a distinction between the coatings, such as Z12, which means that the total amount of double-sided plating is 120g/mm.

Galvanized Steel Sheet Manufacturer can give you an example, for example: galvanized steel sheet (SGLD): is a multi-phase alloy material containing aluminum-rich and zinc-rich. Because of the characteristics of aluminum and zinc, it has better performance than hot dip galvanized steel sheet (SGCC). Main characteristics: corrosion resistance, its ability is much higher than SGCC; heat resistance; heat conduction and heat reflection; formability; weldability. Uses: used in some places where reflexivity is required, such as reflector inside the oven. The reflector of the electric cooker. Hot dip galvanized steel sheet (SGCC) is generally used, galvanized steel sheet (SGLD) is deep drawing, and SGCE is ultra deep drawing.

Quality inspection standard

The quality requirements of the excellent grade galvanized sheet include specifications, surface, galvanizing, chemical composition, plate shape, machine function and packaging.

1. package

It is divided into galvanized sheet cut into fixed length and packaged in galvanized sheet. General iron packaging, lined with moisture-proof paper, tied with iron waist, tied firmly, to prevent the internal galvanized sheet from rubbing each other.

2. Standard sizes

The scale of the product (as described below) lists the scale thickness, length and width of the galvanized sheet and its tolerance. In addition, the width and length of the board and the width of the volume can also be determined at the request of the user.

3. surface

General situation: Due to the differences in disposal methods in the coating process, the galvanized sheet is also divided, such as ordinary zinc flower, fine zinc flower, flat zinc flower, zinc-free flower and phosphating treatment. The galvanized sheet and the galvanized coil cut into a fixed length must not have the disadvantage of affecting the use, but the coil allows for less deformed portions such as welded portions.

4. Zinc plating

Scale value of galvanizing: The amount of galvanizing is a widely accepted method for determining the thickness of the zinc layer of galvanized sheet. There are two kinds of galvanizing on the two sides (ie, equal-thickness galvanizing) and two-side galvanizing capacity (ie, thick galvanizing). The unit of galvanizing amount is g/m2.

5. Machine function

(1) Tensile test: Generally speaking, as long as the galvanized sheets for layout, stretching and deep drawing have tensile strength requirements.

(2) Bending experiment: It is an important name that weighs the thin plate process function. However, the requirements of various countries for galvanized sheets are not the same. Generally, after the galvanized sheet is bent 180o, the outer plating layer shall not have a zinc layer to leave, and the plate base shall not have cracks and breaks.

6. chemical composition

The requirements for the chemical composition of galvanized substrates vary from country to country. If Japan has this requirement, the United States does not. Generally, no product inspection is performed.

7. Plate shape

Weighing the shape of the black and white has two goals, namely flatness and sickle bend. The flatness of the plate and the maximum allowable value of the file are necessarily defined.

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