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Advantages and Uses of Square Tubing

Apr. 04, 2020

Square Tubing have a number of advantages that make them very common in industrial and domestic applications. Due to their strength and ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, they are of great value to industry. For domestic use, square pipes are used for fences, pipes, equipment and gates.

Let's just look at the many advantages and uses of metal square tubings.

Benefits of metal square tubings

1. Uniformity

It provides regularity in size, shape, and tolerances, making it a popular choice for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications.

2. Strength

square tubings have high tensile strength and are therefore extremely resistant to extreme temperatures and pressures.

3. Low cost

Compared to other types of mechanical pipes, square pipes require less process. Therefore, it can reduce the cost of low budget items.

4. Resistance

It is fire resistant and does not twist, split or shrink.

5. Create Metal Structure

You can easily bend, punch or drill a square tubing to bind it to itself or any other material. These characteristics of square pipes make it very easy to build metal structures.

Square Tubing

Square Tubing

Use of square tubing

square tubings have many uses in different industries and fields.

1. You can use it to make brackets and bases for solar panels and solar mounts.

2. For manufacturing various types of construction equipment, such as bulldozers, steam rollers, cranes.

3. Also used as a support structure for bridges, buildings, and towers.

4. Manufacture trucks and trailers, railcar frames and bases.

5. You can easily use it as a railing for stairs, as well as an entrance gate and fence around the courtyard door.

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