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Folding Container House With Sandwich Panel


Product Description

Item:Sandwich panel folding container house


Installation:Hoisting equipment

Transportation:Overall packaging

Drainage system:External natural drainage

Connection method: Integration

Design:Customize your services to your needs.

Color:A variety of color options are available depending on your preferences.

Supporting facilities:According to your needs to provide toilet, shower facilities.

Urgent service:Provide urgent service according to your requirement.

After sales service:Provide you with design, procurement, transportation, installation, use and quality services throughout the process. 

Folding Container House With Sandwich Panel


1. Easy to assemble and disassemble: light weight, 20-30 square meters per day.

2. Safety and stability: earthquake resistance level 7 and wind resistance level 7.

3. Flexible layout: various modular combinations, doors and windows can be fixed as optional parts.

4. Long lasting, waterproof and anti-rust: all light steel is coated with anti-corrosion paint.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: high efficiency and energy saving, no construction waste, recyclable.

6. Lower material cost and labor cost: cheaper than traditional buildings.

7. Longevity: The Sandwich panel folding container house can work for more than 10 years under people's use.

8. Easy to load and deliver: 300-350 square meters per 40HQ.

Folding Container House With Sandwich Panel


1*40`HQ ships in 12 units! Best for emergency camp setup projects!

• The Sandwich panel folding container house is 5.8mX2.48mX2.5m(L*W*H). The interior area is 14.38 

square meters (square meters) or 155 square feet (square feet). Building approvals are not required in many countries!

• Complete manual installation! No heavy machinery required! 3 people can set up a room in 2 minutes! 

Tools such as screws, rubber sealing washers, etc. will be provided! Waterproof and insulated!

• Includes a door and a window. Can have 1 bunk bed and 1 closet/cabinet inside. Multiple units can be 

combined with each other to form a bigger building!

• Painted galvanized steel structure! Stainless steel hinges and durable floor laminate! Provides safer features 

than tents when you need tight spaces!

Folding Container House With Sandwich Panel

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